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Is it a good time To Sell Gold?

Today could be a great time to sell gold. The price of gold has appreciated almost forty percent over the past five years and owners must sell gold to book profits. That's why many investors ask, "Is this a good time to sell gold?" or "What's the best time to sell gold?"

      These are familiar signs that you see all over today! Know your gold prices, shop around!!Familiar signs you see today

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Gold prices don't rise in a straight line. A rising trend can mean years of price appreciation. Conversely, a declining trend can imply years of lower prices. If a precious metals investor has owned gold for the last decade or longer, today's lower prices could encourage the purchase of more gold. Investors who purchased gold at higher prices could average down the cost basis of gold in portfolio. If those investors sell gold today, they would lose capital. But for investors with unrealized gold gains, this could be a perfect time to sell gold. 


Analysts say the current gold price declining trend began in August 2012 (USD 1775 per ounce). Gold's all-time high was reached in 2011 (USD 1838 per ounce). Gold and other precious metals tend to rise in periods of economic uncertainty. 

For example, the price of gold was just USD 270 an ounce in 2000 as the '' bubble burst. Gold wasn't a popular investment of the day, but those who bought gold then could happily sell gold now at an enormous profit now! Those who believe in gold as an inflation hedge or as a store of value against future economic crises usually stay invested and won't sell gold now.


The ratio between gold and silver prices can also help investors know when to sell gold. According to the historical sixteen-to-one ratio, it's not time to sell gold.

Government activities can help the investor know when to sell gold. For example, the government could decide to stop its artificial inflation control policies. If this happened, investors would know it's not time to sell gold--it's time to buy it!

Economic disaster and crises are precious metals price triggers. When things are really bad, it's not time to sell gold.

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Should you sell gold now?
Financial indicators can help investors decide when to sell gold. The Dow Jones-gold ratio says that gold is fairly valued when the ratio is between one and two. The current gold ratio is less than thirteen. The Dow-gold peak occurred in 2001 at a shade above forty. This ratio says it's not time to sell gold.

The gold price-crude oil price ratio is another way to determine when to sell gold. In 1980, the year of the highest recorded gold-oil ratio, this number was approximately twenty-five-to-one. Precious metals advisers say that thirty-to-one should prompt the investor to sell gold.

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